Sithter streaming new song “Jerusalem Axe Massacre”


Japanese sludge quartet Sithter have debuted the sixteen minute long closer of their forthcoming album Chaotic Fiend. Listen to the song, titled “Jerusalem Axe Massacre” (which also features narration by U.S. noise artist L’eclipse Nue), below courtesy of CVLT Nation. The band said of the record:

“We just wanted the album to sound violent. On the last one we did we recorded each of the instruments one by one, but this time we recorded it all in one take, so I think it made it sounds more alive. Also, the songs were made for the way we wanted to produce the album and the overall concept stayed the same. We closed it with one huge, long doom song. Also guest players did great work too. ‘Engrave the Misery’ was originally going to be a bass number but Mako Kotama from Japanese doom band Magadalene Junen gave a great piano in improvisation. We offered US noise artist L’eclipse Nue, who actually used to live in Japan, a chance to provide the opening narration to ‘Jerusalem Axe Massacre’ and every take was great, so we just used it all.”

The new album is scheduled to hit stores next month on December 9th through Bonten Records. The effort is available for pre-order on CD and digital formats at the label’s Bandcamp.

Chaotic Fiend track listing:

1. “Chaotic Fiend”
2. “I Drink Your Blood”
3. “Smoke Demon”
4. “Masque Of The Black Death”
5. “Lost Flowers”
6. “Empire”
7. “Punisher #13”
8. “Engrave The Misery”
9. “Jerusalem Axe Massacre”