Sinsaenum premiere “Splendor And Agony” music video

Sinsaenum have released the official music video for their new song “Splendor And Agony”. Guitarist Frédéric Leclercq (Dragonforce) said of it:

“This is the video I’ve always wanted to make. We had a great team called Independent Film and they understood the vision I had. The song is brutal and I wanted to incorporate elements of horror movies, which I love, too! I’m so happy with the result; we all are! It’s beyond our expectations. The location was perfect, the makeup artists did an amazing job, and the filming process was intense. Some of us slept very little so it was easy to ‘get into it.’ One thing about the contact lenses: we couldn’t see shit with them. So we were really blind in a hot steamy factory, covered in blood, with death metal blasting through the PA — perfect!”

The group’s full-length debut Echoes Of The Tortured will be hitting stores on August 5th through earMUSIC. Pre-orders are available here and here.

Echoes Of The Tortured track listing:

1. “Materialization”
2. “Splendor And Agony”
3. “Excommunicate”
4. “Inverted Cross”
5. “March”
6. “Army Of Chaos”
7. “Redemption”
8. “Dead Souls”
9. “Lullaby”
10. “Final Curse”
11. “Condemned To Suffer”
12. “Ritual”
13. “Sacrifice”
14. “Damnation”
15. “The Forgotten ONe”
16. “Torment”
17. “Anfang Des Albtraumes”
18. “Mist”
19. “Echoes Of The Tortured”
20. “Emptiness”
21. “Gods Of Hell”
22. “Oblivion” *
23. “Death Is The Beginning” *

* = bonus track

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