Sheevaa streaming new single “Depression”

Sheevaa have debuted a new song titled “Depression”. The band said of the track:

“Our song ‘Depression’ is our representation of releasing all the dark energy trapped within. The fast paced, relentless feeling is what Sheevaa is all about. If you like this song, you will definitely enjoy the rest of our debut EP.”

“Depression” is the lead single of their upcoming debut EP The Five Stages Of Grief, which hits stores on September 16th. The nü-metal/alternative quartet had the following to say of it:

“This album is a series of moments that were observed very carefully. It’s based on a true story and we cannot wait for our fans to hear it. We want this album to be the soundtrack for someone in grief, or someone ending a relationship/phase in their life. It is truly a roller coaster ride of emotions.”

[via Revolver]