Seraphic debut video for new single “The Monster Within”

Brisbane symphonic metal outfit Seraphic have released a music video for their new single “The Monster Within”. The clip was produced by SilentDez Productions. Operatic vocalist Sam Wolstenholme said of the producers:

“They nailed our shadows-and-light/internal struggle/duality brief and worked really hard to get the very best product they could according to our requirements. The dancers we hired were phenomenally talented, and overall, everyone in the team pulled things together so beautifully.”

“The Monster Within” was tracked and produced by Chris Themelco, lead guitarist and vocalist for melodic death metal outfit Orpheus Omega at Monolith Studios. Regarding the song itself, Wolstenholme said it’s:

“…an incredibly significant and deeply personal track for me. I wrote this song when I was going through quite a dark time in my life – and I realised I wanted, and needed, to make some major changes not only to my life, but also within myself. Since then, things have changed for the better for me, and I’ve been able to channel a lot of that personal growth into my craft and creative process. So, releasing this track is a really important milestone. I’m so proud of the track. The lyrical content deals with some very heavy and explicit themes of addiction, which I have used as a kind of analogy to represent the internal battle with our demons that we all face at some point in our lives, and the intent is that at least on that level, it’s relatable and cathartic for listeners!”

You can purchase the single now through Amazon, Google Play, and other streaming services.

To mark the single’s release, Seraphic have also booked a show at the Wooly Mammoth in Brisbane on October 12th. Tickets are available now at the venue’s website