Sepultura premirere “I Am The Enemy” lyric video

Sepultura have released a lyric video for a new song off their upcoming studio effort Machine Messiah, titled “I Am The Enemy”. Guitarist Andreas Kisser said of it:

“The song ‘I Am The Enemy‘ was one of the last songs we worked on before going to Sweden to record the album, it’s really simple and straight forward with a strong influence of the hardcore scene of the 90’s.

The lyrics talk about ourselves as human beings, with concepts and pre-concepts implanted in our heads through education, religion, the environment and all of our own experiences. We are the problem and the solution, do not blame anything or anyone else but yourself, you are your own enemy. Face yourself, rethink your life and then you’ll have a chance to make a better world for yourself.

We are playing the song live already and the reaction is being amazing, now you all have the chance to listen to the album version, play it loud!”

Machine Messiah is slated to hit stores on January 13th via Nuclear Blast. Pre-order your copy today here (physical) or here (digital).