Seaway premiere full-album stream of Vacation

Band: Seaway
Album: Vacation
Release Date: September 15th, 2017
Label: Pure Noise Records

Guitarist Andrew Eichinger exclaims:

“We’re so excited for everyone to finally be able to hear Vacation. We put in a lot of work to get these songs to where they’re at today and we’re so proud of them. We hope everyone thinks this record is as sick as we do.”


  • Vacation track listing:

    1. “Apartment”
    2. “Neurotic”
    3. “London”
    4. “Lula On The Beach”
    5. “Something Wonderful”
    6. “Curse Me Out”
    7. “Day Player”
    8. “Misery In You”
    9. “Scatter My Ashes Along the Coast, Or Don’t”
    (feat. Caleb Shomo)
    10. “Car Seat Magazine”
    11. “40 Over”
    12. “When I Hang Up”