Scientist to release new album 10100II00101 via Hell Comes Home; release “The Lighthouse” for free download

Scientist 1

Official press release:

Following on from their 2013 self-titled debut, 10100II00101 is the second full-length album from Chicago’s self-proclaimed ‘architectural metal’ quartet, Scientist.

Originally self-released back in December 2015, the progressive heavy hitters return with an official worldwide release of the album this summer after capturing the ear of one of metal’s rising new labels, Hell Comes Home (Raedon Kong, Xnoybis, Great Falls, Thou).

10100II00101 by Scientist will be released via Hell Comes Home on 5th August 2016. Pre-order the album and download new song “The Lighthouse” for free here.

10100II00101 track listing:

1. “The Singularity”
2. “Siege Capture Control”
3. “The Lighthouse”
4. “Baptistina”
5. “Luminal”
6. “Gravity Well”
7. “Limb”
8. “Physician Heal Thyself”
9. “Orbital”
10. “Bloodless Breathless”
11. “1010II0101”

Scientist 2