Sannhet issue video for “Fernbeds”

Band: Sannhet
Song: “Fernbeds”
Directed by: AJ Annunziata
Album: So Numb
Release date: August 25th, 2017
Label: Profound Lore Records

Director/editor, and band bassist, AJ Annunziata commented:

“The video is about performance anxiety in the pursuit of validation. The character, whose dream depicts his internal struggle between might and mercy, awakes from a stress-induced nightmare. In the grips of insomnia and anxiety, he medicates himself. In his quest to obtain purpose through accomplishment, the weight of obligation smothers him, and he ultimately dies in his sleep.

The ferns represent nothingness. Purgatory, banality, the ultimate damnation for the ego-driven entity.

This storyline basically touches on my deepest fear which is dying in my sleep after a night of indulgence and having all the projects and obligations I started left undone. Letting everyone down. The dichotomy is that I create the pressures for myself and really the only person it would affect would be myself. The perfect twist of fate for the egomaniac.

New Yorkers work really fucking hard, whether you’re a full-time suit or in the arts, service, or whatever, we work so hard, far beyond our means or comfort, and in our leisure time we basically comatose ourselves. It becomes a dark circle.”


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