Samsara stream debut EP, Bloodlines


Samsara are now streaming their debut effort, the Bloodlines EP. Guitarist Billy Arviso said of it:

“Our debut EP Bloodlines is about the struggles of addiction, depression, and loss; and utilizing the support from the ones closest to you, forming a bond thicker than blood. Regardless of what separates us, there is a commonality that brings up together. Through music, we are a family.”

Vocalist Dan Croutch adds of the band’s message:

“Hate me for who I am, but I will never ask you to love me for who I am not. That is the message Samsara pursues and hopes to see a world of acceptance whether it be through love, hate, or pain. I could care less; we stand by our message.”

The Cory Brunnemann (Everyone Dies In Utah, Darkness Divided) produced release can be picked up now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Bandcamp.

Bloodlines EP track listing:

1. “This Means War”
2. “Pyro”
3. “100-Proof”
4. “Dear Brethren”
5. “Bloodlines”
6. “Karma”
7. “Relics”