Sails Of Serenity debut lyric video for new single “Shipwrecked”

Band: Sails Of Serenity
Song: “Shipwrecked”
Album: The Crossing
Release Date: August 17th, 2018
Label: Famined Records

Selim Devirek:

“Lyrics to ‘Shipwrecked’ reflects how I was feeling during the writing session and I still am sometimes: sinking. At that time, all my goals and dreams seemed like they were going further and further away from me and I was really depressed to be unable to do anything about it. So I pictured myself as a sinking ship. It is written as a story told by a ship, torn apart by a storm, and is undertow. It sees its own parts floating and sinking but helpless to do anything. Eventually, it accepts its fate and lets itself hit the bottom. It accepts that it will always be torn apart as the closing line reads: ‘A shipwreck I will, I will always be’.”


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  • [via New Noise Magazine]