Safe To Say release “Only Rain” music video

Safe To Say 3

Safe To Say have debuted the official music video for their new single “Only Rain”. Singer Brad Garcia comments on the song:

‘Only Rain’ is the introduction to the story being told in Down In The Dark, as vague as that may be. Musically it was the first song we wrote collectively as a band for the record, but lyrically there was a lot of time to think about the direction of the record and it ended up being one of the last songs to have lyrics.

In context to the album as a whole it makes sense, and I know people will start to get the bigger picture if they take the time to listen to start and finish. It’s an invitation to make choices while ignoring the repercussions. It’s a song about carelessness, but it’s also a song about being young and having a different view on what’s right or wrong. The video is just us, doing what we do with a little hint at what’s to come from the rest of the album. Down In the Dark is about perspective and growing, and there was no better way to start that story than an upbeat song that is, in my opinion, very much Safe To Say.”

“Only Rain” is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Down In The Dark, which drops next Friday, July 22nd via SideOneDummy Records. Pre-orders are available at the label’s webstore.

Down In The Dark track listing:

1. “Only Rain”
2. “From The Top”
3. “Ultra Blue”
4. “Dove”
5. “Tangerine”
6. “Gone To Ground”
7. “Slip”
8. “Louver”
9. “Afterglow”
10. “Hiraeth”
11. “Crows”
12. “Your Favourite Dream”
13. “In A Room”

Safe To Say 2

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