Rozamov premiere full stream of This Mortal Road

Doom trio Rozamov‘s debut studio record This Mortal Road officially hit stores today through Battleground Records and Dullest Records. You can stream the effort in its entirety below courtesy of Decibel. The group said of the effort:

“All of our releases have been a snapshot of where we were as people and as a band at the time. This Mortal Road was written during a time of change for us and during the miserable winter of 2014/15. It is intentionally doom laden, reflecting the time and circumstances of its creation. We’re in a very different place as people and as a band, now, more than a year since it’s recording and with a new drummer. We’re very proud of what we created and are so happy for it to finally see the light of day!”

Copies of This Mortal Road are available now here (digital), here (physical) and here (physical).