Royal Thunder debut new song “One Day”

Today brings the online premiere of Royal Thunder’s song “One Day” off their forthcoming full-length Crooked Doors. The new track, which you can listen to above, made it’s premiere over at Stereogum and is accompanied by an interview with bassist/vocalist Mlny Parsonz. In the interview, the frontwoman said of the new album:

Musically, I know Josh was exploring new horizons as far as guitar tone and using different pedals. I know he was really into fuzz pedals on CVI, which kind of matched the lyrical content and vibe of it. It was my intention to be very cryptic, not in the sense of, ‘Oh I want to be mysterious and dark,’ but to be more layered, to mask things and leave them open to interpretation. I was singing about a lot of stuff that I still have not completely dissected for myself. It was a spiritual journey for me, breaking away from a Christian cult. And I didn’t really want to tell people about it until I felt more comfortable. On Crooked Doors, I had to sit down and sit back and ask myself, ‘What do I want to do with our music?’ And I do want to be real. I do want to be honest. I did want to unzip it more, and show more of what I was going through. I didn’t want to be obvious, but I wanted to find fun ways to mask things less than I was doing on CVI. I thought, ‘This could be the last album I ever do. I could be dead tomorrow. I want to put something real out there.’

Crooked Doors is set to hit stores on April 7th through Relapse and can be pre-ordered here.