Royal Thunder announce new album WICK

Photo by: Jimmy Hubbard

Official press release:

Royal Thunder’s unique, genre-bending sound has been turning heads since guitarist Josh Weaver founded the band in Atlanta, GA. His songwriting, plus bassist Mlny Parsonz‘s soul-searing vocals, have led to worldwide critical acclaim. Now, Royal Thunder have confirmed that their forthcoming album will be titled WICK.

The album will be released by Spinefarm Records worldwide on April 7. Weaver said:

WICK is different, a bigger jump as far as our sound goes. But it’s still us — it’s just the sound of Royal Thunder’s evolution.”

Parsonz said:

“Out of all of the albums, WICK was the hardest one to make. It was a fight, but to hear it now, to see it finished, is so gratifying. Finally, it’s over, it’s amazing to be done with it. I’m looking at it, going, ‘We’re done, it’s over, be free.’”

WICK will carry the band’s ambition and imprint out into the world. Prepare to be moved.

WICK track listing:

1. “Burning Tree”
2. “April Showers”
3. “Tied”
4. “We Slipped”
5. “The Sinking Chair”
6. “Plans”
7. “Anchor”
8. “WICK”
9. “Push”
10. “Turnaround”
11. “The Well”
12. “We Never Fell Asleep”