Ronnie James Dio reunites with bandmates at Wacken Open Air

Dio 3

Ronnie James Dio returned to the stage via hologram with his bandmates – who have been performing as Dio Disciples since 2011 – at the end of their set at this year’s Wacken Open Air Festival. The event was made possible with the aid of Eyellusion, a hologram entertainment company focused on the live music market, which created the hologram and produced the performance. Wendy Dio, who manages Dio Disciples and is also a member of the Eyellusion team, supporting industry relations said:

“When I first experienced the full production of Ronnie performing with his band as a hologram, I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. With Eyellusion, we have been able to get Ronnie back up on stage where he belongs, ensuring that his music and memory live on. I want Ronnie’s fans around the world to share this experience.”

Craig Goldy, lead guitarist for Dio Disciples offered:

“We know how much the fans miss Ronnie and the special and unequaled element that he brought to his live performances. Being able to recreate that same kind of magic for his fans at Wacken was incredible. For so many years Ronnie always invested big in his live shows as his way to give back to the fans, and that is exactly what we aimed to do with this latest performance. We can’t wait to bring this experience to even more of his fans and perhaps even a newer generation when we bring this incredible live experience on the road next year.”

Jeff Pezzuti, CEO of Eyellusion, adds:

Eyellusion is creating the best hologram content and live music productions for a completely new concert experience. We’re taking every step to capture the excitement and energy that comes from seeing your favorite band perform live. That means when the lights go down in the venue, the amps are loud, the band sounds great and the pyro is blinding. We are creating an entirely new way for fans to experience their favorite music.”