Ritual Aesthetic detail new album Wound Garden, debut video for new single “The Analog Flesh”

Official press release:

Denver based band Ritual Aesthetic is reigniting the industrial metal scene with the upcoming release of their awaited, 2nd full-length album, Wound Garden, on July 27th via Cleopatra Records. They add fuel to the fire with the debut of a video for their new single “The Analog Flesh” (via Side-Line Magazine). Fans can pre-order the record now at this link.

Founder Sean Ragan said of the song:

‘The Analog Flesh’ is a song examining the dichotomy between the organic and the artificial, and their now inseparable relationship in 2018.”

Formed by Sean Ragan, former drummer of Dawn Of Ashes, Ritual Aesthetic issued its debut album in 2014 on Juggernaut UK to high praise including a spot on Discogs’ Best Industrial Albums list! Now the band returns with a brand-new album of terrifying digital aggression that pushes the boundaries of industrial like never before.

Wound Garden track listing:

1. “Stasis”
2. “Life Amnesia”
3. “The Analog Flesh”
4. “Divided”
5. “Dread”
6. “Malefaktor”
7. “Mechanism Of Desire” (Electronic Substance Abuse Remix)
8. “Chemical Weapons” (Seraphim System Remix)
9. “Amnesiac” (Xentrifuge Remix)