Rare Futures new album This Is Your Brain On Love streaming in its entirety

Rare Futures are streaming their new full-length This Is Your Brain On Love, listen below. Frontman Matt Fazzi says of the album:

“When I originally set out to make this record, I didn’t expect it would take quite so long but life happened and the plan unintentionally morphed and changed several times along the way. My intention is for This Is Your Brain On Love to be a reminder that we are responsible for writing the story of our own futures and creating our own happiness and there’s no time like the present to go out and seek it.”

He continues:

This is Your Brain on Love is an album inspired by searching for your soul purpose amidst the chaos and layers of life and the way we perceive and experience love. It’s meant to be a journey of reflection upon lessons learned from the past, living more in the present moment, and taking control of the fate of your future. It’s about recognizing your true passions and chasing after them.”

The record drops tomorrow, March 25 through Fazzi’s own Cerebral Music Group. Pre-orders can be picked up here.

This Is Your Brain On Love track listing:

1. “////ove”
2. “Reminding Me To Live”
3. “Ride The Snake”
4. “Mercury [And Opposite Planets]”
5. “The Pressure”
6. “Cool My Mind | Reverie”
7. “Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done”
8. “This Is Your Future” [Lost In A Black Hole]
9. “Your Past”
10. “Hope” [Feat. Gavin Castleton]
11. “You’re An Island”
12. “Standing On The Precipice”
13. “Not Giving Up Yet”

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