Rapheumet’s Well stream sophomore album The Exile

Symphonic progressive outfit Rapheumet’s Well have debuted a stream of their new full-length The Exile. Drummer Joshua Ward comments:

“Our album The Exile we felt was a alluring story following our release of Dimensions due to its more personal nature. The story, while taking place on a distant planet follows the journey of Darmak Ildna, a military commander from the Sunak Empire. A malevolent deity of a sorts lands on the planet and enforces his mandate. We wrote this album to reflect this journey. From flesh eating gates and alien invasions to time and space being ripped and the protagonist getting his skin peeled from his bones, it needed a amalgamation of brutal riffing with cosmic soundscapes to portray this. We were able to record and master this ourselves so we are very happy with all the work we have done. Thanks to Test Your Metal Records, we have a medium to share our creation.”

The effort drops this coming Friday, March 18th through Test Your Metal Records. Secure your copy today here (CD) and here (download).

The Exile track listing:

1. “Resurrecting The Blood Gate”
2. “The Blight Of Sotath Shal”
3. “The Epic Of Darmak”
4. “Crucible Of Titans”
5. “Resurgence”
6. “Witch Of Dark Spire”
7. “The Exile”
8. “Planetary Cenotaph”

Rapheumets Well 1

[via Nefarious Realm]