Rabid Flesh Eaters unleash Reign Of Terror in its entirety

Speed metallers Rabid Flesh Eaters have issued a full-album stream of their new effort Reign Of Terror. The self-released record is out now and available in two cover variants – one in blue and one in red. The red version – which includes a bonus track titled “Chamber Of Pain” – can be purchased here. Copies of the blue version are available here. To order via iTunes, click here for red and here for blue.

Reign Of Terror track listing:

1. “Lycanthrope” (feat. Mike Scaccia)
2. “Gridlock”
3. “Industry Killers”
4. “Psychotic Episode”
5. “B.T.K.”
6. “Morbid Beast”
7. “No Escape (From Murder House)”
8. “The American Dead”
9. “Reign Of Terror”
10. “Chamber Of Pain” (red variant bonus track)

Rabid Flesh Eaters 3

Rabid Flesh Eaters 2

[via No Clean Singing]