Quin Galavis streaming new song “Glorious Man”

Austin, TX songwriter Quin Galavis has debuted a new track titled “Glorious Man”, check it out below. The song is taken from his upcoming double album My Life In Steel And Concrete, which is due on August 26th Super Secret Records. The label said of the upcoming record:

“We hope you enjoy the first step in this new journey Quin has undertaken; we’re confident you will want to follow his story closely as it unfolds in this recording and into the future. We were so enthralled by his story and this recording that we’ve entered into a lifetime contract with Quin; which is really just a handshake and a promise to continue to release his records as long as he wants.”

My Life In Steel And Concrete track listing:

Side A:
1. “Hand Of Light”
2. “Manuel’s Rose Garden”
3. “A Disturbing Face”
4. “Vile And Disgusting”

Side B:
5. “Hands Of Death”
6. “Can’t Erase”
7. “Terrific Failure”
8. “Dead Born”
9. “Distaste”
10. “Glorious Man”

Side C:
11. “Evermore”
12. “Turn You In”
13. “Hate”
14. “Be Patient”
15. “A Gift For Salt”

Side D:
16. “Powell’s Rose Garden”
17. “Idumea”
18. “Tree Burning”
19. “Those Little Dreams”
20. “Wake Up”

Quin Galavis 2

[via Brooklyn Vegan]