Pulchra Morte to release limited Soulstench/The Painless 7″

Official press release:

Death/doom legion Pulchra Morte will release a limited-edition single featuring the haunting sounds of “Soulstench” on Side A and a rendition of Paradise Lost’s “The Painless” on Side B. Previously released in its demo form, “Soulstench” will appear on the band’s upcoming full-length while the cover track is exclusive to this release.

Issues drummer Clayton Gore:

“When it came time to decide what song we should release first, we had a difficult decision. While all of the songs on this record fit into a cohesive palette, they are all very different from one another and no single song is representative of everything we do. But we all agreed that ‘Soulstench’ serves as a great introduction to what Pulchra Morte is about and the corner of the musical world in which we exist.”

Adds guitarist Jarrett Pritchard on the Paradise Lost cover:

“We very proudly wear our inspirations on our collective sleeves and really wanted to give a nod to Paradise Lost, particularly from the Gothic-era of their career. It is personally my favorite song on that album, and in general I’m still impressed at how all of their songs from that record are just feeling and dark melody. It was a really big influence on us at the time. It showed that all things heavy didn’t really have rules. It wasn’t all about speed and technicality. It still isn’t. Feeling and intention are still everything.”

Soulstench/The Painless is available digitally now via the band’s official Bandcamp. A limited vinyl edition will be available in three color variants — 100 metallic silver opaque, 100 smoke (clear with heavy black swirl), and 100 black. Pre-orders for the vinyl are also available on Bandcamp.

And be sure to check out the band’s official video for “Soulstench” below.