Pros & iCons release “Catch Me” music video

Band: Pros & iCons
Song: “Catch Me”
Album: iConic
Release Date: June 1st, 20017

Regarding the new video, the band comment:

‘Catch Me’ is our anthemic battle cry to those outcasted for having alternative dreams. We believe there’s something more to life, which is why we speak to those that stand on its fringes. Our goal is expressed in the first line: ‘Tonight we call out to the broken. Tonight we take back what was stolen.’ Our juvenile years were spent clinging to words of our favorite artists in desperate attempt to feel like we belonged to something. And so, we wrote the punchline of the song-‘You can catch me if you can’-as a middle finger to those who don’t believe in coloring outside of the lines. The video itself captures a narrative of musical progression, expressing where we were, where we are, and where we are going. As we evolve visually and figuratively throughout the video, we’re nearly saying, ‘We’re going to make it. You can catch us if you can.'”


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  • [via Alternative Press]