Previously unheard White Zombie track “Scarecrow #2” streaming

A previously unheard track by White Zombie titled “Scarecrow #2” – which dates to 1986 – is now streaming and can be heard above. The song appears on the upcoming box set White Zombie: It Came From N.Y.C., which is set to drop June 3rd through the Numero Group. Pre-order your copy now at this location.

White Zombie: It Came From N.Y.C. track listing:

God’s On Voodoo Moon 7″-1985

“Gentleman Junkie”
“King Of Souls”
“Tales From The Scare Crow Man”
“Cat’s Eye Resurrection”
“Black Friday” *
“Dead or Alive” *

Pig Heaven 7″ – 1986

“Pig Heaven”
“Scarecrow #2” *
“Red River Flow” *
“Rain Insane” *
“Paradise Fireball” *
“Slaughter The Grey”

Psycho-Head Blowout 12″ EP – 1987

“Fast Jungle”
“Gun Crazy”
“True Crime”

Soul-Crusher 12″ LP – 1987

“Shack Of Hate”
“Drowning The Colossus”
“Crow III”
“Die Zombie Die”
“Truck On Fire”
“Future Shock”
“Scum Kill”
“Diamond Ass”

Make Them Die Slowly 12″ LP – 1989

“Disaster Blaster”
“Acid Flesh”
“Power Hungry”

God Of Thunder 12″ EP – 1989

“God Of Thunder”
“Love Razor”
“Disaster Blaster-2”

* = Previously unissued

White Zombie 1

White Zombie 2

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