Phlefonyaar detail new record Septic, Bitter and Hardbitten; stream new song “Temple Bells After Midnight”

Official press release:

British doom duo Phlefonyaar will release their new album Septic, Bitter And Hardbitten on 14 April 2017 via Cavernous Records.

The band have released album track “Temple Bells After Midnight” as a taster of what’s to come:

Whether it’s sitting in their underpants in a car park, drinking tea and being serenaded by drunken truck drivers or being so annihilated on cheap lager whilst trying to sell the police wooden pegs, Phlefonyaar‘s antics offstage are as bizarre and bleakly intoxicating as the music they produce.

Comments purveyor of vocal chaos, Paul March:

“We’re back to generally bring you our feel good, happy day-glow, end time message with our latest release, Septic, Bitter And Hardbitten. It’s a full on rollercoaster of sparkling hardcore unicorn porn fun, I kid you not. So what’s new I hear you cry, why should I care about two scallywags playing the filthiest sludge doom rock this side of equator? Well if you said that then you’ve already answered your own question and maybe this isn’t for you, the doors over there. For the rest of us, I’m not gonna yap on about production or hand you a line like some slick snake oil salesman peddling his wares in a backwater town in the ass end of nowhere about this or that or how sincere I am about stuff. No no no. That’s not how this is gonna get done.

To be honest the main pressing reason this should be listened to is just so you can laugh derisively and prove me wrong. So go listen, turn it up loud, maybe have a little dance, drink some screech or high end cough syrup (the good stuff) and if it doesn’t end up making you feel like a coyote chewing on a cigarette, you can come back and tell us how we ruined your evening. Either way you won’t regret it.”

A true monument in primal sound, Septic, Bitter And Hardbitten creeps, disorientates and lunges throughout 7 crucifyingly heavy tracks and is the product of a mere duo. Full of pummeling hooks and dark visions, the end result is a maelstrom of focused noise that is starkly terrifying. Phlefonyaar‘s gloomy expressionism unravels in slow motion throughout the album to leave you with something which won’t tuck you up in bed at night and kiss you sweet dreams.

Having thrown their sound at stages across Europe, touring with bands such as Nachtmystium and Dark Fortress and providing support to Baroness on the night before their bus crash, the band are set to spend the rest of 2017 gigging and touring.

Septic, Bitter And Hardbitten will be released on 14 April 2017 via Cavernous Records.

Septic, Bitter And Hardbitten track listing:

1. “The Lingering Molly”
2. “Temple Bells After Midnight”
3. “And If My Conscience Be In Fits?”
4. “Slow Death And Procrastination”
5. “Nuthin But Whimsy”
6. “You Can Never Have… (Too Many Knives)”
7. “All Things That On Earth Do Dwell”