Part two of Dragonlord’s “The Making Of Dominion” series available

The second part of Dragonlord’s “The Making Of Dominion video series is now available online. The clip features bandleader Eric Peterson (Testament) discussing the songwriting and influences on the new record. Peterson says:

“The [guitar solo] influences on this record are more old school, the darker stuff of Deep Purple, definitely Black Sabbath and Mercyful Fate… and putting all that into what Dragonlord is, and using more of the hard rock guitar style… I’m more known as being more of a rhythm guitar player, but on this record I did a lot of soloing… my influences on it are more gearing towards the 60s and 70s style of guitar playing… but taking that style and forging it into black metal.”

Dominion is scheduled to hit stores on September 21st via Spinefarm Records. Pre-orders are available now here (physical) and here (digital).