P.O.D. debut new single “Rockin’ With The Best”

Band: P.O.D.
Song: “Rockin’ With The Best”
Album: Circles
Release Date: November 16th, 2018
Label: Mascot Label Group

Frontman Sonny Sandoval said of the new album:

“On Circles, we didn’t limit ourselves and say, ‘Hey, we need to please the metal crowd, or the hardcore crowd, or the punk crowd’. We just wanted to play and write songs that we hope are relevant and catchy to a new audience, while, at the same time, still being true to ourselves.”


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  • Circles track listing:

    1. “Rockin’ With The Best”
    2. “Always Southern California”
    3. “Circles”
    4. “Panic Attack”
    5. “On The Radio”
    6. “Fly Away”
    7. “Listening For The Silence”
    8. “Dreaming”
    9. “Domino”
    10. “Soundboy Killa”
    11. “Home”