Organectomy ink deal with Unique Leader Records

Official press release:

Christchurch City, NZ based slamming death metal act Organectomy has signed with Unique Leader Records, and will re-issue their debut full length, Domain Of The Wretched, through the label. Self recorded by the band and featuring incredible artwork by Pedro Sena (Lordigan), Domain Of The Wretched, which will see a May 11th street date, is a crushing mix of slam, tech death, sickening atmospherics, and a ferocious brutality unmatched by most bands today. It is immediately apparent why Organectomy have found themselves on top of the New Zealand extreme metal scene.

The band commented on the signing:

“We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Unique Leader family, amongst a roster of what is indisputably some of the best bands in the world right now. Since we first started out we’ve admired and idolized so many of the bands on Unique Leader and have constantly strived to better ourselves in the hopes of one day reaching the same heights as them. Now that we’re here we have no intention of slowing down. This is the start of a new era of Organectomy and Unique Leader will be the platform from which we unleash it upon the world. Expect bigger and better things from us as we move forth into this new chapter of slamming brutality alongside our new family in Unique Leader Records!”

Pre-orders for the re-issue of Domain Of The Wretched will be in the coming weeks.

Domain Of The Wretched track listing:

1. “Eons Of Unyielding Darkness”
2. “Sanctum Of Deceit”
3. “Beckoning The Horrors Of The Depths”
4. “Intracranial Incubation”
5. “Archaic Infestation”
6. “Carnal Bloodlust”
7. “Terror Form”
8. “Inherent Revulsion”
9. “Cascading Into Despair”
10. “Domain Of The Wretched”
11. “Entropic Decay”