Oni issue new song “Barn Burner”

Oni have unleashed a new song off their forthcoming debut record Ironshore, titled “Barn Burner”. Bassist Chase Bryant comments:

“Our frontman, Jake Oni, and I originally discussed including a ‘get in the pit and die’ track on the album, and ‘Barn Burner’ is that track. Musically, we went for something fast, heavy, and based around dream-like, mysterious tones. The track is inspired by a dream I had about parallel universes – I could see them all lined up like ripples in the water. A girl walked between the ripples and changed her surroundings at will. After having that vivid dream and working on conceptualizing it with Jake, the lyrics for ‘Barn Burner’ just poured themselves onto the page.”

Ironshore will be available worldwide on November 25th through Blacklight Media. Pre-orders are now live and can be picked up at MetalBlade.com/Oni.