Ol Drake (ex-Evile) shares demo from upcoming solo album

Former Evile guitarist Ol Drake has released a demo version of a new track titled “Spaceship Janitor”. The song will be featured on his upcoming solo effort, planned to hit stores next year. Drake commented on the track saying:

“Hello, all. After a long, long time of trying to find my direction and sound for this project, I’m starting to churn material out of my brain that I’m starting to enjoy; I need to enjoy the stuff I’m writing. What we have here is a DEMO recording of one of the songs from the upcoming solo album; this is what I send to the label to show progress (this is NOT mixed or mastered). Its working title is ‘Spaceship Janitor’. I didn’t have a title for the song, but every time I listened through for writing directions I couldn’t stop imagining a janitor on a spaceship, mopping the space-floor with his space-mop, listening to this song on his space-iPod… in space.

“This track is not fully representative of the rest of the material on the album as I’m experimenting with a lot of my influences and inspirations; everything from rock and metal to acoustic and classical. Keep an eye on www.oldrake.co.uk and my Facebook etc. for more updates on the album! GUITAR ON!”