Okilly Dokilly streaming new track “Bulletproof Glass”

Band: Okilly Dokilly
Song: “Bulletproof Glass”
Album: Howdilly Twodilly
Release Date: March 29th, 2019

Head Ned offered:

“Us Neds are quite safety-oriented fellows. When we recorded ‘Bulletproof Glass’, we used extreme caution to make sure every brutalino note was captured on the recording and didn’t breach studio containment. Each member wore a full hazmat suit and we managed to keep casualties to a minimum. Our safety inspector did fall asleep on the job and Shred Ned’s solo melted three faces, but otherwise, all particles of rock and/or roll were well contained. We’re very excited to release ‘Bulletproof Glass’ and we hope it’s something everyone can cautiously thrash to.”


Howdilly Twodilly track listing:

  1. “Reneducation”
  2. “When the Comet Gets Here”
  3. “Murder House”
  4. “I Can’t, It’s a Geo”
  5. “Bulletproof Glass”
  6. “Claw My Eyes Out”
  7. “Purple Drapes”
  8. “Here’s the Noose”
  9. “Murdiddlyurdeler”
  10. “Wrong God”
  11. “Fokilly Dokilly”

[via Nerdist]