Of Virtue premiere “Alone” music video; stream new album, What Defines You

Band: Of Virtue
Song: “Alone”
Album: What Defines You
Release Date: May 24th, 2019
Label: SharpTone Records

Singer Tyler Ennis said of “Alone”:

‘Alone’ is a song about how tiring it can be to constantly hear what people want you to be and never want to hear from you about what you want to be, or better yet, just support you. The song itself is a dichotomy, a conversation between two people. Person A is telling the Person B how they believe they should be, while Person B is saying maybe he’s better off without Person A … Without their ‘advice’, or baggage. How will we ever know who WE are, what OUR accomplishments are – if we’re constantly living for others, yet we’re unsatisfied? That’s what ‘Alone’ is about! “


What Defines You track listing:

  1. “No Control”
  2. “Alone”
  3. “Suffer”
  4. “Immortal”
  5. “Thanks For Nothing”
  6. “Pictures Of You” (feat. Kalie Wolfe)
  7. “I Won’t Break”
  8. “Surrounded”
  9. “Torn Apart”
  10. “Confide In Me”

[via New Noise Magazine]