Oceans Over Airplanes premiere new song “A-Game”; detail new EP Young Nights

Indiana alt-rockers Oceans Over Airplanes have released a new single titled “A-Game”. The band comment on the song:

“The premise behind ‘A-Game’ was to create and set the scene for a singles night on the town. Going out with your friends with no other intentions. However the moment occurs when two people lock eyes for the first time. Two strangers who encounter that initial and undeniable attraction. Both people knowing that it is probably the wrong time, that they don’t want a relationship, that this is not what they intended to be looking for, however it is happening and the attraction is too much for either person to not explore. There is that feeling that it only gets complicated from here, that most likely it will never be better than tonight. However both decide to continue because the feeling is real, pure and honest. They lose all sense of time and inhibitions and are truly lost in the moment.”

The track is off the outfit’s impending EP Young Nights, which arrives November 27th.

Young Nights track listing:

1. “A-Game”
2. “Ampersand”
3. “It Could Happen”
4. “Silo”

Oceans Over Airplanes 1

[via PopMatters]