Obscura stream Akróasis in full

German tech metal behemoth Obscura’s new studio effort Akróasis is now streaming in its entirety and can be heard below. The record is set to arrive this Friday, February 5th on Relapse Records, from whom you can pre-order on digital and physical formats at Relapse.com/Obscura.

Akróasis track listing:

1. “Sermon of the Seven Suns”
2. “The Monist”
3. “Akróasis”
4. “Ten Sepiroth”
5. “Ode to the Sun”
6. “Fractal Dimension”
7. “Perpetual Infinity”
8. “Weltseele”
9. “Melos” (deluxe vinyl bonus track)
10. “The Origin of Primal Expression” (CD bonus track)

Obscura 2

[via Guitar World]