Obscenity stream new album Retaliation in its entirety

obscenity have unleashed a full stream of their impending ninth studio album Retaliation. The record is due on May 27th via Kolony Records and is available for pre-order at the label’s Discogs, Bandcamp, and on iTunes.

Retaliation track listing:

1. “Claustrophobic Hell”
2. “Embracing The Plague”
3. “Whore Of Secret”
4. “Abandon All Hope”
5. “Ghastly Presence Haunting”
6. “The Day Of Wrath”
7. “Deracination”
8. “Innate Depravity”
9. “Soul Eater”
10. “Ominous Determination”

Obscenity 4

[via MetalItalia.com]