Oblivion announce self-titled record, debut new track “True Awakening”

Extreme metallers Oblivion have confirmed January 21st as the release date for their self-titled album. Guitarist Ted O’Neil said of the effort:

“One of the hallmarks of the Oblivion sound has been the blending of many styles of extreme music. Encompassing elements of black metal, OSDM, technical death metal as well as classical music that may be thought of as modern chamber music. Nick Vasallo’s background as a PhD in music theory and his experience as a classical composer gives us a huge boost in creating our material.

So, for this album we really wanted Nick to go all the way with it and do what he does best. He is tremendous at creating tension, counter point and brutal arrangements while maintaining a structure that is still accessible. On that same note Ben Orum is a great writer in his own respect.

Ben brings to the table the ability to create crushing rhythms and massive chord progressions that create the backbone of many of the songs. Luis ‘The Human Drum Machine’ Martinez is just a unique talent with an eclectic style that blends perfectly with what we do.

So, the idea was to really have everyone bring to the table their best skills and blend it all together. I think people are going to love this album. It’s very diverse but doesn’t lose focus. It’s brutally heavy throughout but not fatiguing. It’s dark and in spots bleak but not depressing as it is LOADED with hook after hook and tons of groove.”

A lyric video for the effort’s first single “True Awakening” has premiered and can be found below. Oblivion was produced by vocalist/guitarist/bassist Nick Vasallo and Zack Ohren. Mixing and mastering was also handled by Ohren at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, CA. The artwork was created by Michał Karcz, with the layout done by guitarist Ben Orum. Pre-orders for Oblivion are available now via the group’s Bandcamp.

Oblivion track listing:

1. “True Awakening”
2. “Fear What Is Unknown”
3. “Forgotten Brotherhood”
4. “Witnessing A Glorious Dawn”
5. “Insurrection”
6. “Aliens Among Us”
7. “Threshold”
8. “Expand The Hive”
9. “Negative Mass”

Oblivion is:

Nick Vasallo – vocals, guitar, bass
Ben Orum – guitar
Ted O’Neill – guitar
Luis Enrique Martinez – drums