Norma Jean debut new track “Synthetic Sun”

Norma Jean have premiered another song from their upcoming album Polar Similar titled “Synthetic Sun”. Bandleader Cory Brandan said of it:

‘Synthetic Sun’ is one of our favorite songs to play from the record. It was a lot of fun to write being that it’s a bit more technical in spots and a song that we actually recorded a lot differently than the other songs as well – using lower gain settings on our amps, playing with our fingers instead of picks in spots, stuff like that.

It’s a very different song behind the scenes of Polar Similar. The song deals with watching a very close loved one destroy themselves and feeling helpless in their wake. Seeing someone stop being the person you used to know and change or move into something else.”

Solid State Records have Polar Similar slated to drop on September 9th, but you can secure your copy of the effort today at Merch Direct or MerchNOW.

[via Revolver]