Nonpoint detail new album The Poison Red; stream new song “Generation Idiot”

Nonpoint have set July 8th as the official release date of their upcoming studio record The Poison Red (Spinefarm Records). A new track titled “Generation Idiot”, the cover art, and track listing have been released and can be found below. Vocalist Elias Soriano said of song:

“Over the past five years, I began to notice people, myself included, getting lost in a few of the simple things – life, art, passions. Everything became a reality TV blog with pictures and comments, likes and dislikes, online bullies and online tough guys. And no one is talking anymore. Everything is texts, emails, replies and denies. They’re all anchors. They all suck the life out of life. It creates zombies with unhinged appetites. It’s a real zombie apocalypse and, motherfucker, I’m grabbing a machete and a shot gun.”

The Poison Red track listing:

1. “Generation Idiot”
2. “Foaming At the Mouth”
3. “Bottled Up Killer Bees”
4. “Rabbit Hole”
5. “Chasing White Rabbits”
6. “Standing In the Flesh”
7. “Divided.. Conquer Them”
8. “Radio Chorus”
9. “Spanish Radio Hour”
10. “El Diablo”
11. “No Running Allowed”
12. “Promises”
13. “Be Enough”
14. “My Last Dying Breath”

Nonpoint 2

[via Loudwire]