Night Verses debut “Vice Wave” video

Band: Night Verses
Song: “Vice Wave”
Album: From The Gallery Of Sleep
Release Date: June 29th, 2018
Label: Equal Vision Records

Speaking of the song and video, drummer Aric Improta said:

“This was one of the last songs written for the record. It started with Nick’s intro lead and ended up in a direction none of us expected. I think the big turning point in the writing process was when Nick added those massive fuzz/noise ring outs in the bridge. Once those were in place, the rest of the song quickly started to gravitate in that direction. Side note: The digital percussion sounds were influenced by all the Ministry, Arca and Post-era Bjork I was listening to at the time.

As far as the video, we are all pretty big on making our own artwork and teaming up with our friends to get exactly what we have in mind. We worked with Chris Abouabdo on this and built around some of the imagery we put together for the vinyl booklet. He’s amazing at bringing life to our initial visual ideas and developing scenes that feel very immersive while simultaneously complimenting the initial score, to the point where it almost starts to feel like the music and visuals were inspired by the video instead of the other way around. We love what he did on this and aim to continue working with him in the future.”


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