Night Argent stream new song “Kamikaze”

A new Night Argent track titled “Kamikaze” is now online and available for streaming above courtesy of Baeble Music. Frontman Chase Manhattan says of it:

“By far one of our favorites to play live, ‘Kamikaze’ is a song that allows us to put everything we have out there with no reservations, and the energy and freedom that brings us tends to carry through the rest of our set. The Japanese word ‘Kamikaze’ translates into english as “Divine Wind” or “Typhoon”, and throughout the song, it’s used as a metaphor for the beautifully unpredictable nature of love and its limitless potential for chaos and destruction. When the day comes you find yourself falling in love, you learn you have two choices. Try to distance yourself from it, or embrace it fully. Either way, you just pray it doesn’t leave you completely and utterly destroyed.”

The song appears on the band’s upcoming self-titled EP. The effort drops on April 22nd, but pre-orders are available now on iTunes.