New Attila song “Horsepig” is available for streaming

A new Attila track from the band’s upcoming effort Guilty Pleasure surfaced over the weekend. The song is titled “Horsepig” and can be heard above. Frontman Chris Fronzak commented on the song saying:

“This is one of our FAVORITE tracks on the album, and personally one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written lyrically. The song is about how you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it. Your mind can be your best friend but it can also be your worst enemy. The moment you have complete mental control of your life is the moment you become limitless. You just have to stay strong and believe in yourself, because your mind can also be a very dangerous place. The two rap parts in this song are my favorite rap parts that I ever wrote. I hope you like them too!”

Guilty Pleasure hits store on November 24th.