Necronautical release “Necropsychonautics” music video

Band: Necronautical
Song: “Necropsychonautics”
Director: James ‘Carcarrion’ Goodwin and Courtney Sherives
Album: Slain in the Spirit
Release Date: August 20th, 2021
Label: Candlelight Records

Vocalist/guitarist Naut comments:

“We are proud to unveil ‘Necropsychonautics’, the second single and music video from our new record Slain in the Spirit. In this visual manifestation created by James ‘Carcarrion’ Goodwin and Courtney Sherives, we witness an individual fleeing an unnamed malevolence, testing the fabrics of reality and the limits of human consciousness. This is a journey of cosmic significance through the maddening horror of the unknown. Behold ‘Necropsychonautics’!”