Myopic drop new single “Earth’s Mantle”

Band: Myopic
Song: “Earth’s Mantle”
Album: Myopic
Release Date: November 9th, 2018
Label: Grimoire Records

The group offered:

“Our goal has always been to take the listener on a journey in each song, telling a story not just with the words, but with the music itself. We’re interested in seeing where a song goes and how it develops from one part to the next, and how we can tie songs together into larger pieces. We’re always in the process of trying out new ideas, rethinking our songwriting, and testing out material live to see how the audience responds, that’s reflected in the music. This album is the product of many years of working and refining and reflects a lot of different ideas as well as the journey we’ve been on as a band and where we’re going next.”


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