My Chemical Romance release video teaser for possible reunion

My Chemical Romance 3

It looks like defunct rockers My Chemical Romance will be making a comeback of some sorts this year. Yesterday, the band released a teaser video, view it below, that features a white flag bearing a black cross waving in the wind to the opening of their song “Welcome To The Black Parade”. The video concludes with the date 9/23/16, so mark your calendars because whatever is coming will be officially revealed on that day. On top of that, the band emblazoned their website and social media with the above image bearing the aforementioned cross and the letters “M”, “C”, “R”, and “X” around it.

My Chemical Romance 2 People are already speculating that the band will be hitting the road for an anniversary tour of their critically acclaimed third album, The Black Parade. This is the most likely scenario because the video features music from the record’s first single, and 2016 marks it’s ten year anniversary. I imagine that if the band were reuniting for a new album the background music of the video would be something new. Not to mention the cross logo includes the letter “X”, the roman numeral for ten. Whatever it means, the image, video, and new merch (links below) have achieved their intended effect: people are talking. Two months remain until the official announcement in September, until then all we can do is discuss the possibilities.

New merch featuring the cross logo can be found at their online store and on Hot Topic.