Motionless In White want you to work for the full album stream of Reincarnate

You really have to hand it to the stuff that some bands are doing these days. In a day and age where the music industry has gone from making all kinds of ridiculous money to being on the brink of collapse (in a sense, because there are still bands out there that are raking in the cash so it’s not like it’s ready to just fall apart) it’s important for a band to get creative in terms of marketing so that they do sell “X” number of units and whatnot. Well, so far I haven’t seen anything quite like this done in order to get access to a full album stream of a band’s record, so kudos to Motionless In White.

So, what did they do exactly? Well, the band set up this website with a bunch of pictures from places around the U.S. and a few other locations around the world. One song from the album corresponds to each picture and in order to access the respective song fans were tasked with identifying the location of the picture. Say what you will about the band but that is really awesome.

At the time this post was written it appears that all of the tracks had already been unlocked [except for “Sinematic (Acoustic Version)” which is an iTunes bonus track] so I took the liberty of heading over to YouTube and making an album playlist. I don’t think this should get me in trouble but just in case I’m making it clear that I had nothing to do with the creation of any of these videos, that was all Motionless In White and their label Fearless Records. That being said, check out the playlist below and enjoy, unless you click play and it’s down because of whatever reason.