Mos Generator’s new full-length Abyssinia out now, stream available

Mos Generator’s new record Abyssinia has officially hit stores through Listenable Records. Main man Tony Reed comments:

Abyssinia is the continuation of an open relationship with many musical styles. This kind of exploration has always been a part of my writing but now I’m letting the flood gates open and I’m welcoming all of my musical influences to flow through the songs. ‘Strangest Times’ and ‘Red Canyons’ are very typical Mos Generator style heavy rock songs but tunes like ‘Outlander’, which takes a lot from the soundtrack era Pink Floyd, or ‘Catspaw’, which sounds like something I would have written at age twenty under the influence of Hüsker Dü and Voivod, move the band into a whole new area that I’m very excited to be moving towards.”

Abyssinia can be streamed in its entirety below via the Bandcamp player, from which digital copies can also be purchased. Head over to Listenable’s webshop for physical copies.

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