Mithridatic drummer breaks world record for double pedal speed drumming

Mithridatic 1

Kevin Paradis, drummer for French death/black metal outfit Mithridatic has unofficially broken the world record for double pedal speed drumming. It is an unofficial record because the only witnesses were the camera used to record the feat and his recording DAW. Gear Gods premiered the news, sharing the below videos of Kevin breaking the record.

The rules regarding the record aren’t about playing at really fast tempos, rather they are about being able to sustain the effort in two configurations – 1 minute long at 260 BPM and 5 minutes long at 240 BPM. Kevin was able to play 1037 (current world record is 1034) and 4797 single strokes (current world record is 4595) respectively.

Mithridatic released their debut full-length Miserable Miracle earlier this year, copies of which can be purchased here.