Misery Index release “Naysayer” video

Band: Misery Index
Song: “Naysayer”
Album: Rituals Of Power
Release Date: March 8th, 2019
Label: Season Of Mist

Vocalist/bassist Jason Netherton said of the song:

“In order to celebrate the launch of our first tour for the new album, we offer a video for the track ‘Naysayer’. The video was filmed several weeks ago at our rehearsal space in Baltimore and is intended to capture the band/us in our most primal creative setting. The idea was to bring to life and visually animate what is perhaps the most ferocious, unrelenting song on the album. ‘Naysayer’ is to the point; it pulls the hoods off those who seek to hide behind walls (either material or digital) and calls them out for their inveracity and inhumanity. I am sure we all know a few ‘naysayers’. Turn it up, let it rip and sing along.”