Minsk preview new effort The Crash & The Draw

Minsk have released a teaser trailer of their upcoming release The Crash & The Draw. The band commented on the effort saying:

“We are so thrilled to be able to finally share this next chapter. Much time has passed. New lines have formed on faces and hands. And new faces have emerged. The spirit arose once again, and the call was answered, with every ounce of will, and care, and attention as was available. There is still much to be discovered. We thank you for your interest, for your attention. There is no currency as valuable.”

The Crash & The Draw is set for release on April 3rd in Germany, Benelux, and Finland; April 6th in the U.K. rest of the world; and April 7th in North America (I guess it’s not part of the rest of the world) through Relapse. You can pre-order your copy in CD, vinyl, and digital formats via the band’s Bandcamp or the label’s webstore.