Metal Allegiance debut new track “Bound By Silence” feat. John Bush

Band: Metal Allegiance
Song: “Bound By Silence” feat. John Bush
Album: Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty
Release Date: September 7th, 2018
Label: Nuclear Blast Entertainment

Guitarist Alex Skolnick said:

“Bringing in John Bush to sing on ‘Bound By Silence’ feels like a real coup. He has the perfect voice for this track musically, as well as the ability capture the intensity of the lyrics in terms of storytelling. A great addition the the MA family.”

Songwriter Mark Menghi continues:

‘Bound By Silence’ tells the true tale of an amazing Vietnam War Vet, a brave soul who told me his incredible story with only a few months left to live due to Pancreatic Cancer. It’s a very personal song to me. I’ve since come to learn he recently passed on while leaving a great legacy behind. Forever Bound By Silence.”


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