Members of Sleep discuss potential for new record

In a recent interview with Sleep spoke about the status of their rumored full-length. Drummer Jason Roeder commented on how the band operates and if/how a new record would come about:

“It will happen organically, and only when/if it’s ready. We all respect the Riff and know not to force our will upon it. We are careful not to place too much in front of us or announce anything until it’s ready to go. It’s less stress and it lets us be present and enjoy playing as we go… The Riff decides, Sleep obeys.”

Vocalist/bassist Al Cisneros also commented saying:

“Yeah – we all know if a song is complete. The process is actually the goal. Then you end up with songs eventually. The Iommic path makes itself clear. Attention must be paid during the process then songs automatically evolve.”

Earlier this year Sleep released their first new song in 18 years. The track is titled “The Clarity” and can be heard below.